Minnesota Media Services Inc. 

 There is a simple reason why puppy dogs and rainbows don't need PR help. Some stories tell themselves. Others need some help to hit the right audience. So, if you happen to be a puppy dog or a rainbow, you can stop reading now. 
But if you have a story that needs to be told, lets talk. 
With an unparalleled network of connections at media outlets throughout the state blended with a strong connection to the the Twin Cities media market, no audience is left out of your potential reach.
Initial consultations are always free.  And while I would love to say everyone can use our services, that isn’t entirely true.  If you don’t really need our services, I will tell you that as well.  If you have a story that needs telling, a crisis that needs managing or just want to get a better handle on how your company or association is perceived, we’d love to meet with you and see how we can ease your path.  



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Minnesota Media Services has grown from a set of roots that  entwined some of the most talked about public policy debates of the past half-century and has rapidly become one of the state’s leading small shop public relations firms.  
Founding partner DJ Leary was managing a radio station in Duluth when he was plucked from relative obscurity to help manage communications for Vice President Humphrey in his upcoming presidential bid. Similarly Nate Dybvig cut his chops at newspapers and radio stations around Minnesota for a few years before Leary brought him on board as a partner, and eventually as his successor in a firm that had spent the previous forty years redefining the way newsmakers and the public interact. 
ith a legendary industry vet in his corner and a keen eye on the emerging trends in communications, Minnesota Media Services combines the tried and true methods of the past with a whole bag of new tricks to make sure that the message is reaching the masses in the most effective way possible. 
Other firms no doubt have fancier offices and interns who are a great deal more skilled at fetching coffee and making copies, but when you are in need of services like the ones we provide, those things don’t really matter. What matters is making sure that your message is reaching its audience.
And that is our only focus.